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A once in a lifetime opportunity to postpone capital gains

Chicago, IL - September 13, 2018


The passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created Opportunity Zones– a new tax-deferral opportunity for recently realized capital gains. The law passed in December of 2017 and allows for state governors to identify specific communities, called Opportunity Zones (“OZs”), that have potential for revitalization.

Why Should Family Offices and Investors Care?

By adhering to certain guidelines, investors can take realized capital gains from other investments and put them into an OZ or fund that targets OZs and receive a combination of:

  • Tax Deferral

  • Tax Reduction

  • Tax Forgiveness

Not surprisingly, OZs have piqued the interest of family offices, high-net-worth individuals, and large private bank clients… and for good reason.

For more information, visit our OZ webpage or contact:

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