Is Now the Time to Sell?

Top reasons middle-market business owners should consider an exit

Chicago, IL - September 20, 2018


McNally Capital Managing Partner Frank McGrew discusses (original article here) how market conditions remain quite favorable for a variety of strategic options. Our active dialogue with numerous business owners confirms that now might be an optimal opportunity to assess needs for growth capital or liquidity.

Considering an exit?

While the historical insatiable deal appetite displayed by financial and strategic buyers will likely slow, there is still time to jump into the fray and benefit from favorable valuations and market conditions.

Business owners that wait will run the risk of trying to convince buyers to pay more in a macro environment defined by higher interest rates, tougher financing conditions and finicky capital markets coupled with inferior business prospects for the target company.

Click to view full article, published on the ACG website

Click to view full article, published on the ACG website

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Frank McGrew

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Frank McGrew has nearly 30 years of experience as both a private investor and adviser to closely held and family-oriented businesses.

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